Personalized Nutrition

Tailor your WTFork Roadmap with counseling, cookshops, and private cooking. Each offering provides a unique set of tools to help you along your journey. Dive deep with Stefanie by your side!

For Anyone

  • Searching for ways to eat healthfully
  • Wanting to learn how to cook
  • Seeking to find their rhythm in the kitchen

You Will

  • Discover new knowledge and skills
  • Gain confidence in the kitchen
  • Transform food behaviors



Receive guidance and support through virtual one-on-one sessions. Explore and personalize your very own roadmap to optimal health and well being.

Whether navigating illness or aiming to prevent it, coming up with a nourishment plan can be an instrumental part of achieving optimal health.

  • Initial Evaluation (75 min)$900
  • Follow Up Sessions (45 min)$300



In person* (or virtual) 2-hour hands-on culinary experiences that are tailored to meet individual needs, those of a group, or a community.

Learn that eating healthfully can be simple and delicious by actively engaging hands-on-experiences that will gently shift your relationship with food. Whether navigating illness or wanting to simply do better, one cookshop or a series can help usher you towards optimal health and wellbeing.

In person option is subject to an additional fee

  • Single Cookshop (2 hrs)$1200 (cost of goods not included)
  • + multiple cookshops Pricing upon inquiry

Private Cooking


Creating nourishing environments that cater to the specific dietary needs of a group is a way to invite health supportive cuisine and conversation into your space.

Food—what it is, how it tastes, and how it makes you feel—can make or break an experience. Whether navigating illness and needing additional support, a complement to a day with friends, or an immersive program like a retreat, let us nourish you and your group.

  • Private Cooking + CateringPricing upon inquiry

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