18 Jul


Fork Menopause




JUL 18 - 6 PM




Stefanie Sacks

Managing menopause is a bitch. In this wild hormonal adventure, a woman can wield her fork as a secret weapon! Turn your menopausal journey into a flavorful odyssey. Learn how to create three wholesome nutrient rich recipes that will leaving you feeling healthy and empowered! Who knew defeating hot flashes could be so deliciously entertaining?


  • Goddess Smoothie
  • Quick Cobb
  • Basic Buddha Bowl

All recipes, shop and prep list included in downloadable PDF upon registration. All workshops are recorded and sent to atendees by email within 7 days.

A wholesome diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D, and phytoestrogens can support hormonal balance.

Those going through menopause can benefit from a balanced and nutrient-rich diet to manage symptoms and support overall health. It's essential to listen to your body, pay attention to how specific foods make you feel, and make adjustments based on individual needs and preferences.

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